Thousands in attendance didn’t let some cloudy grey skies and some scattered showers dampen their spirits this past weekend at the Santa Anita Food Truck Fest. The day featured horse-racing, live music by KROQ and Shiny Toy Guns, and of course, Gourmet Food Truck o’ plenty.


The day featured 9 races in total and provided plenty of opportunities to gamble your hard-earned cash away, and some good photo ops as well.

The highlight of the day however, aside from the delicious food, was the live set by Shiny Toy Guns. It’s not often you can catch a set from an established band while standing about a foot away from them while they are performing. Not to mention the fact that they stayed around well after their short, but lively, set to mingle with fans and pose for photo ops galore.
Then, of course, there were the food trucks. Over 20 were in attendance, highlighted by the main attractions like Grilled Cheese Truck, Me So Hungry, Ragin Cajun and White Rabbit Truck! We also had to show love over at Macho Nacho, who were stacked up 20 people deep the entire day and was sold out by 4PM. You can also check out the food that we picked up from Komodo (tacos, tacos, and more tacos) and Slummin’ Gourmet (lobster friggin’ corndog) by heading over to our Food Page!

All-in-all it was $10 very well spent for a great day of horse racing, music, and food trucks! Now that is what I call my perfect trifecta.